Are people in the U.S. to obese to drive Small Cars?

The above title seems offensive. Summer is almost officially here and the round of weight loss commercials have just begin to air. The popular phentermine reviews as well as slimquick ad reviews have just started to air more frequently. The ad for Lipozene was on late night and even some other diet reviews. No doubt, we are overweight. Research does support the fact that obese Americans generally do not fit comfortably in small cars and don’t necessarily feel safe. Like many people, consumers want to feel comfortable and safe when operating a motor vehicle. Many times, the small eco friendly cars do not fit the bill for comfort and safety for overweight to obese individuals. Therefore, they pass up the opportunity to buy that compact electric car.

Is this cause for concern for compact or eco friendly auto makers?

The answer: Yes. The obesity epidemic is only going to increase in the next few years. This means that more than likely Americans will be driving medium to large suv’s especially as the gas prices continue to lower. Most of the population just does not feel as if the cars are roomy enough.

How are automakers trying to make consumers more comfortable? They are exploring a few different areas: roof line, console, and seat controls. The console in the middle of the car in the front can press into people’s bodies if too large. Most people with a larger waist line sit higher in the seat possibly bumping their heads. It seems as if right now, smaller cars will not be the norm anytime soon.

Is the trucking industry starting to crack down on tattoos?

Got this industry e-mail the other day and wanted to address it in an article. A young man wrote to me stating that he wanted to become a truck driver but was unsure if the company he was applying to would discriminate against him because of his tattoos. That is a fair question. I went ahead and sought out some of the trucker blogs found online to actually answer the question as accurately as possible. Many guys just do not have small quaint tattoos like a butterfly. Just take a look at any tattoo site which will give you an insight in tattoo ideas for men.

The answer: Maybe.

It entirely depends on the company of course. A lot of companies regardless of industry are cracking down on people with tattoos. One man wrote on a trucking forum that the company that he worked for explicitly forbid tattoos. Another person wrote that as long as you cover up your tattoos you should be fine. One man stated that his direct boss had sleeve tattoos so it really all depends on the company. I have heard of the military not reenlisting soldiers due to too many tattoos.

If you have any small tattoos that can be covered up, I suggest you do so. Your apppearance needs to be as neat and clean as possible regardless of the type of industry you are applying for. Good luck with finding your truker job.

Advances in the Toy Industry

Electric Vehicles are steadily becoming more popular each and every day. They are very popular in larger cities where there is not much room to move around. Since most commutes can be short in the city, a scooter is a perfect compliment. The larger automobile makers have even taken noticed and started to produce their own line of electric scooters. Yep, BMW, Honda, and VW all have models in the making. These are obviously a lot more sophisticated than your average electric scooters for kids such as the small e100 electric model designed for kids and teens by the widely known razor brand electric stooter. These are premium scooters. Let us take a look at some of these toys.

BMW’s EScooter
It goes up to 60 miles on one charge and is supposed to reach speeds fast enough for the highway. It is designed to have no problems going up hills and conserves energy while braking.

The Honda Ev-Neo is not as versatile as the BMW’s version. It only reaches a maximum of 18 mph and only goes 21 miles. This is perfect however if you want to run quick errands around your town.

Volkswagen’s e-scooter falls in between these two. It goes around 25 mph and travels up to 30 miles. It looks less like a motorcycle and just more practical. It also has a pretty cheap price tag.

There are many other players in this market who I have not touched upon in this article. They are definitely jumping on the bandwagon.